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White House Modifies Legal Immigration Process

Overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, the Trump administration is targeting overall legal immigration to the U.S. for an overhaul. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), who is attending a White House meeting regarding the immigration plan, told Breitbart News that the number admitted won’t change, however. “While this is still in the preliminary stage, the president has proposed maintaining the 1.1 million legal immigrants we bring in each year but changing the mix to respond to the needs of our growing economy and workforce.” According to a senior administration official, it’s part of President Trump’s plan to increase U.S. wages particularly for those hit hardest by low-skilled arrivals willing to work for less. This is actually a simple idea: import productive workers, not folks who will expand the welfare rolls.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

The White House is dropping a longtime initiative of President Trump’s that reduces overall legal immigration levels to increase U.S. wages, a senior administration official tells the media.

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Throughout 2015, 2016, and 2017, Trump routinely touted his plans to reduce the number of legal immigrants who arrive in the U.S. on a myriad of visas. Since the 1990s, when it was expanded by President George H.W. Bush, legal annual immigration levels have remained at historic highs with about 1.2 million nationals legally admitted every year.

For example, since 1980, the number of legal immigrants admitted to the U.S. every year has not dipped below 525,000 admissions. Since 1999, annual legal immigration levels have not dropped below 645,000 admissions and since 2004, the average number of legal immigrants admitted every year has not dipped below a million admissions.

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