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Whistleblower: Google Calls Christians “Counter to Our Mission”

Google software engineer Mike Wacker is yet again blowing the whistle on his former employer. This time he’s revealing the company’s very anti-Christian bent after having slammed Christian YouTube ads as “homophobic” and “very counter to our mission.” These statements were published in Google’s in-house newsletter delivered to more than 30,000 employees. The revelation pours even more gasoline on the reality that Google, Facebook, and other tech giants have been caught in the midst of systematic censorship of conservative and Christian viewpoints.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Early Wednesday morning, Google software engineer Mike Wacker went public with an incident showing anti-religious bias among the company’s Human Resources (HR) division. HR slammed Christian YouTube ads as “homophobic” and “very counter to our mission” in a newsletter that goes to 30,000+ employees at the company.

Wacker previously published the remarks of a Google manager who blamed “fake news” and “hate speech” for President Donald Trump’s election. On Wednesday, he tweeted, “Let me give an example related to religion this time, one where HR is involved in describing sincere religious beliefs as ‘homophobic’.”

The comment came in the “Yes, at Google” newsletter, which reaches 30,000+ employees, Wacker said. While the newsletter was once run by employees, HR took over in May 2018. He identified “Yes, at Google” as a “curated … newsletter of anonymized incidents of micro-aggressions and micro-corrections.” The newsletter has enabled a “call-out culture.”

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