Trump Slams DOJ, FBI for Failure to Handover Docs

President Donald Trump blasted the DOJ and FBI for failing to turn over documents related to the ‘Witch Hunt’ investigation to Congress.

At issue are over 25,000 documents not turned over despite a nine-months-old request from Congress to do so.

Trump tweeted: “I have tried to stay uninvolved with the Department of Justice and FBI (although I do not legally have to), because of the now totally discredited and very expensive Witch Hunt currently going on. But you do have to ask why the DOJ & FBI aren’t giving over requested documents?”

It’s a valid question that goes to the heart of the Constitution.

Are ‘we the people’ (i.e. Congress) the most powerful branch of government or not?

Clearly the DOJ doesn’t think so despite an oath to defend that same Constitution.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

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President Donald Trump expressed his anger Monday at the Department of Justice and the FBI for not being forthcoming with documents to the Congress.

Trump’s tweet appears to be in response to a segment on Fox and Friends early Monday morning with Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows who lamented the difficulty Congress has had in extracting documents and information from the DOJ and the FBI.

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