Poll Shock: Nearly a Quarter of Americans Want A Dictator

Pew Research recently conducted an international poll in 20 countries asking whether respondents believe it to be desirable to have “a system in which a strong leader can make decisions without interference from parliament or the courts.”

Much of the results were unsurprising, but what came back from the good ol’ US of A should shock us all.

Fully 22% of Americans agreed with the statement. It doesn’t take much grey matter to conclude that the bulk of those respondents are leftist, young folks.

What’s more, at the very least, it’s a reflection of how poorly we’re educating our students with respect to the foundational history and principles of the American republican frame of government.

It’s also worth mentioning that only 17% of respondents in Venezuela, where an actual dictator is running the show, indicated support for the idea.

Here’s more from Redstate…

A surprising poll from the Pew Research Center found that a surprising number of Americans believe that a dictatorship would be good for our country.

According to Pew, 22 percent of respondents in the U.S. said that “a system in which a strong leader can make decisions without interference from parliament or the courts” would be a good thing. While 76 percent said that this would be awful for America, 22 percent is far too high a number.

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For comparison, in Venezuela, where a dictator actually is making the decisions by eliminating troublesome elements within the government, only 17 percent believe an autocracy works well.

Thankfully, we still live in a world that rejects strongman dictators for the most part. Many of the nations have experienced what that’s like, and have had their fill.

While Pew didn’t get into details as to who was giving the “yes” answers, an educated guess says that much of the strongman support comes from a younger crowd.

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