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Dems Endorse Gun Confiscation

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker (NJ) continues his attempt to out-Left the Left in his efforts to eradicate the Second Amendment. Booker pledged Monday that on his first day in office as President he’ll take executive action “closing dangerous loopholes in gun sales, cracking down on unscrupulous dealers and gun manufacturers, and investing in communities impacted by gun violence.” The Washington Examiner reports that Democrat also-ran Representative Eric Swalwell (CA) retorted that he can do better: “I want to know if Sen. Booker’s assault weapons ban would include the 15 million on the streets now, or just future sales. My plan bans both.” The absurdity really speaks for itself.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Democratic presidential candidates are headed sharply left on gun control as New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and California Rep. Eric Swalwell sought Monday to one-up each other with calls for the government to confiscate firearms.

Booker pledged to take executive action on his first day in office “closing dangerous loopholes in gun sales, cracking down on unscrupulous dealers and gun manufacturers, and investing in communities impacted by gun violence.”

Booker also went far beyond many of the other candidates’ gun control stances in his plan with a call for federal licenses for gun owners. His campaign called the plan the “most sweeping gun violence prevention plan ever put forth by a presidential candidate.”


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Libs Now Want to Deface Mt. Rushmore

We all knew the statues were the first step, but “traumatized” liberals are now claiming to be triggered by a mountain… or to be more specific, the face of President Thomas Jefferson on Mt. Rushmore. According to some Hofstra University students, the writer of the Declaration of Independence is the poster child of a “culture of bias and discrimination.” They have even formed a committee dubbed Jefferson Has Gotta Go (JGG) with the help of Planned Parenthood and community organizers in Hempstead, New York. According to a report from CampusReform.org, the Jefferson statue on campus has already been defaced with “DECOLONIZE” and “Black Lives Matter” signs and stickers.

Here’s more from World Tribune…

The Left’s attack on history is expanding well beyond the removal of Confederate statues.

To some students at Hofstra University, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, represents a “culture of bias and discrimination.” The students are demanding a statue of Jefferson be removed from the university.

Some at a northern California public high school – specifically George Washington High School – are calling for a mural of the school’s namesake and U.S. founding father to be removed in order to ease the suffering of students who are “traumatized” by its presence.

According to CampusReform.org, the Jefferson statue “has been the center of controversy” on the Hofstra campus in Hempstead, New York.


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Trump Defends Doctors’ Freedom of Religion

The Trump administration defended the rights of medical workers on Thursday with a new rule preventing a worker from being forced to provide (or refer patients to) abortion, sterilization, sex change surgery, or medically assisted suicide if doing so violates their faith. “The final rule fulfills President Trump’s promise to promote and protect the fundamental and unalienable rights of conscience and religious liberty,” explained HHS. In cases where healthcare providers, employers, and insurers encounter such situations, they are able to file with the Health and Human Services’ Conscience and Religious Freedom Division. Planned Parenthood isn’t taking the decision lightly, with its president Dr. Leana Wen saying, “No one should be denied the right to health care based on the personal beliefs of politicians.”

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

The Trump administration on Thursday added protections for medical workers so they won’t be forced to provide or refer to abortion, sterilization, or medically assisted suicide if doing so violates their faith.

“The final rule fulfills President Trump’s promise to promote and protect the fundamental and unalienable rights of conscience and religious liberty,” officials from the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement.

The rule will let healthcare providers, employers, and insurers file with the agency’s Office for Civil Rights when they encounter situations in which they are compelled to provide, discuss, or refer for the services. The Trump administration added the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division to the agency last year to investigate such violations.


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MSNBC Defends Gun Rights…in Venezuela

In another case of accidental irony by the Left media, MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders argued FOR the Second Amendment during a segment covering the violence at the hands of the Venezuelan government on disarmed protesters. Sanders noted Maduro’s monopoly on violence, adding context for lost MSNBC viewers: “You have to understand in Venezuela gun ownership is not something that’s open to everybody. So if the military have the guns, they have the power, and as long as Nicol·s Maduro controls the military, he controls the country.” Her remarks were made after a viral video showed an armored Venezuelan military vehicle plowing into a crowd of unarmed protesters. For the Left, it’s gun regulations for thee but not for me.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders accidentally made a strong case for the Second Amendment on Tuesday during a segment on the far-left network about the chaos in Venezuela.

The segment came after opposition leader Juan Guaido called on Venezuelan citizens and members of the armed forces to join a movement to overthrow brutal socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Sanders noted that Maduro still maintained control of the military through the whole ordeal, adding: “You have to understand, in Venezuela gun ownership is not something that’s open to everybody. So if the military have the guns, they have the power and as long as Nicolás Maduro controls the military, he controls the country.”


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Kamala Harris Wants to Ban Right-To-Work Laws

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is in full 2020 campaign mode, now making an obvious overture to America’s unions with her attack on federal right-to-work laws, which have been adopted by 26 states. “Right-to-work” laws give workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union. Ironically, Harris pitched the proposal in the name of worker freedom despite the heavy Leftist political agenda of most labor unions that bankroll Democratic candidates. It’s worth noting that just last year in Janus v. AFSCME (2018) the Supreme Court ruled “no government employee can be fired for refusing to financially support a union.”

Here’s more from PJ Media…

On Saturday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) advocated a federal ban on right-to-work laws, which have been adopted by 26 states. These important laws give workers the choice of whether or not to join or pay dues or fees to the labor union that ostensibly represents them. These unions often have political stances that do not represent their workers, so the ability to opt out of paying or joining them is important for workers’ First Amendment rights.

Yet on Saturday, Harris advocated forced union membership for workers, in the name of worker freedom. George Orwell would be proud.

Speaking at a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) event on Saturday, Harris warned that “the barriers to organized labor being able to organize and strike are something that have grown over a period of time and we need to address that” through both laws and the “bully pulpit.”


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Democratic Primary Fight Escalates as Biden Enters

Former Vice President Joe Biden and now official 2020 contender ups the ante on the Dems’ intraparty fight between its Left wing and more moderate or mainstream factions. “If I were in charge of the DNC or Joe Biden’s campaign or any other entity associated with the traditional Democratic Party, I would be going out of my way to embrace the new energy on the Left and these anti-establishment forces,” quipped former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich. At the same time, the Left is attempting to snuff out moderates despite polling that shows they have the only shot of beating President Trump.

Here’s more from The Hill…

The bell has rung on round two of the Democratic Party’s civil war.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s entry into the 2020 presidential primary sets the stage for another knock-down, drag-out fight between the establishment wing of the party and the ascendant left, led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

That showdown threatens to tear open old wounds the party suffered in the bitter 2016 primary contest between Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Party leaders have tried to move on from that divisive episode, but deep wells of suspicion and distrust remain between mainstream Democrats and the left.

“The civil war that started in 2016 never ended,” said one veteran Democratic hand. “It’s still going on.”


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Veterans Slam AOC for Defending the VA

During a recent townhall, queen socialist AOC (D-NY) went all in supporting the Department of Veteran Affairs, arguing “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and that she would prefer “VA for all” as an obvious blueprint for her beloved “Medicare for all.” Veterans were quick to retaliate, calling Ocasio-Cortez’s VA defense everything from “ironic” to Don Quixotic. One veteran blasted, “Ocasio-Cortez is upset with the notion of VA reform and … is so fixated on socialism that she has developed a reflexive nature against anything that says ‘privatized’.” Of course, if the VA’s poor health standards are AOC’s idea of universal care, we expect no one will be buying it.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fierce defense of the Department of Veteran Affairs, saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” has earned her flak from the very people who are served by the scandal-ridden agency: veterans.

During the same town hall, she said VA would be a blueprint if “Medicare for all” were to pass: “If you ask me, I would like VA for all.”

Eli Crane, a former Navy SEAL who now runs the company he started from his garage while on active duty, told the Washington Examiner that the New York Democrat’s comments about not fixing the VA were ironic, given that Ocasio-Cortez, who identifies as a democratic socialist, “is trying to fix the world’s greatest economy of all time.”


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Kamala Harris Supports Three Gender Options

California Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris believes two biological sexes warrant at least three gender options for federal government identification and other documents. It comes as no surprise given Harris’s San Francisco stomping grounds and long track record of LGBTQ rights agenda, including refusing to defend a ban on same-sex marriage as California Attorney General. Harris is not the only Democrat contender for the White House supporting a “third gender” option, with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) supporting a similar proposal.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Human biology may only know two sexes, but California senator and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Kamala Harris (D-CA) apparently thinks that there should be more than two gender options for purposes of the federal government IDs and other documents. Politico reports:

Sen. Kamala Harris said Tuesday that she supports placing a third gender option on federal identification cards and documents, bolstering her record on LGBTQ issues.

Harris was asked about adding a third gender option during an event at Keene State College in New Hampshire. “Sure,” she replied.

Harris — a product of the San Francisco Bay Area with a long record on LGBTQ rights, including refusing to defend a ban on same-sex marriage as attorney general of California — used the question to denounce what she described as rising hate in America.


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To Impeach or Not to Impeach

Nancy Pelosi is struggling to balance the radical flank of her party-by refusing to accept anything short of impeaching President Trump-with the very realistic likelihood that such a move would only bolster electoral support for Trump just in time for 2020 ballots. So far, Democrats are launching a series of investigations into anything, everything, and everyone associated with the president as an extension of the Deep State witch hunt. “I do believe that impeachment is one of the most divisive forces, paths that we could go down to in our country. But if the facts, the path, fact-finding takes us there, we have no choice. But we’re not there yet,” detailed Pelosi in a recent schizophrenic declaration. In other words, Democrats are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Here’s more from The Hill…

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) near-term effort to tamp down talk of impeaching President Trump could have the paradoxical effect of building support for that very step.

Pelosi and Democratic leaders this week launched a series of aggressive investigations into the myriad allegations facing the president, many stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s recently released report on Russia’s 2016 election interference.

The strategy is designed, in part, to dampen the growing calls for impeachment — a move Pelosi considers premature — by assuring her troops that party leaders have no intention of letting Trump off the hook. The Catch-22 for Democratic leaders is that the more dirt the investigations uncover, the louder the impeachment drum will sound.


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Kamala Harris Promises Gun Control in First 100 Days

During a CNN town hall Monday night, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) pledged a mandate of universal background checks by fiat if Congress fails to get the job done in her first 100 days in the Oval Office. She also promised to revoke the licenses of any dealers or anyone selling more than five guns a year if they violate the law. Harris’s triple package includes prohibiting “domestic abusers” from purchasing firearms. What’s more important, however, is what she didn’t say, namely, that criminals don’t obey laws. Whether or not her proposals might have any demonstrable reduction in gun violence is debatable, as we only have to ask the people of Chicago about that reality.

Here’s more from Fox News…

Sen. Kamala Harris on Monday night pledged that, if elected president, she will sign a series of executive orders on gun control if Congress fails to pass comprehensive legislation in her first 100 days in the Oval Office.

During a town hall hosted by CNN, Harris said that if a bill from Congress did not make it to her desk, she would unilaterally mandate background checks for customers purchasing a firearm from any dealer who sells more than five guns a year.

Dealers who violate the law, she said, would have their licenses revoked. The other executive orders would prohibit fugitives from purchasing a firearm or weapon, as well as close the loophole that allows some domestic abusers to purchase a firearm if their victim is an unwedded partner.