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Media Throwing in the Towel on Kavanaugh Resistance

Although confirmation hearings for SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh won’t start until September 4, major MSM entities, such as the New York Times and The Washington Post, are reporting that it’s a lost cause for the left. According to the left media, shortcomings in resisting Trump’s nominee include a lack of grassroots coordination, lack of a clear target, and any blemish on Kavanaugh’s record to try and sink an increasingly likely successful confirmation. The “resist” efforts also appear foiled by the possibility of opposition from moderate GOP Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. In short, Justice Kavanaugh was a done deal even before his nomination was announced.

Here’s more from The Daily Caller…

The New York Times and The Washington Post are both reporting that progressive organizers can’t land a clean hit against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
Their reports also suggest that Senate Democrats and their grassroots supporters aren’t coordinating effectively.
Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings are still three weeks away, and the Senate has only just begun reviewing records relating to his executive branch service.
Though his confirmation hearings are fully three weeks away and the Senate Judiciary Committee has only just begun reviewing records relating to his service in the executive branch, prominent voices in the media have already predicted that efforts to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court have failed.

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The New York Times and The Washington Post both featured pieces this weekend chronicling the air of inevitability around Kavanaugh, made worse by pervasive lethargy and inertia in Democratic ranks.

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