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John Kerry: “We Paid A Price” for Obama’s “Red Line”

During an interview on “Face the Nation,” former Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that “we paid a price” for Barack Obama’s failure to follow through on the infamous “red line” drawn in the proverbial sand concerning the use of chemical weapons by Syria’s Bashar al-Assad-a line that was crossed with zero repercussions. He also lambasted the explanations and excuses given for inaction as moot because they ultimately failed to change perception. Kerry’s comments come as a rare admission in a career otherwise wasted on apologies for Obama’s utter failure on the global stage. It’d have been nice to hear from Kerry when it actually mattered.

Here’s more from Hot Air…

Am I right that O’s non-strategy towards Syria is the only policy of his that veterans of his administration have consistently criticized since he left office? I can’t think of another. Ask an Obamaite whether they prefer his or Trump’s approach to a particular issue and they’ll blurt out “Obama!” before you’ve even finished your sentence — with one exception. When Trump bombed Assad after last year’s WMD attack, a former Obama senior official (Kerry, maybe?) chirped to Politico that “Our administration never would have gotten this done in 48 hours. It’s a complete indictment of Obama.” Anne-Marie Slaughter praised Trump for his action, as did other unnamed foreign-policy officials on background. Hopenchange alumni were so embarrassed by it that they took to leaking how massive Obama’s plan to attack Assad in 2013 was, before he stuffed it in a desk drawer and backed down. Others were pitifully reduced to chattering that Obama would have bombed Assad last year if he were still president like Trump did … despite his conspicuous refusal to do so four years earlier.

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