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It’s Official: Warren 1/1024th Native American

In a nation where everyone is increasingly a winner, who can argue that .09% Native American genes is not in fact an indigenous person? Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren is wearing her DNA analysis on her sleeve this week for just that reason. According to DNA results, some six to ten generations ago, a relative of hers was possibly a Native American. Now she wants President Trump to pony up the million dollars he pledged to her favorite charity. No doubt she’s also planning how she’ll campaign on being not only the first female POTUS but also the first Native American as well. The trouble with all this alleged proof is that at more than half of the American population can claim as much or more Native American ancestry. So much for ‘minority’ status.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren has gone all-in on trying to wipe out that pesky “Fauxcahontas” meme. First, she gave the Boston Globe a bunch of files and info intended to exonerate her from the accusation that she used her supposed Native American ancestry to her advantage professionally. Now, she’s released the results of a DNA analysis by a professor at Stanford intended to prove that probably, some six to ten generations ago, she once had a relative who was possibly Native American.

Last month, the Boston Globe presented “the most exhaustive review” of Warren’s alleged use of her alleged Native American ancestry to allegedly promote her alleged career. In an “unusual” move, Warren released private documents to the left-leaning outlet for the ultimately exculpatory report.

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On Monday, the Boston Globe published another report on Warren with more information provided by the senator that offers “strong evidence” that she wasn’t lying when she said that one of her distant ancestors was Native American.


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