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Democrats Kick Off New Congress With Onslaught of “America Last” Legislation

President Trump, the Electoral College, the Supreme Court, voter ID, free speech, and MORE were all targeted by the new Democratic House majority in the 116th Congress under the leadership of retread Nancy Pelosi. Getting particular attention is the Electoral College, which the Left gushed about in 2016 as it helped put Barack Obama in the Oval Office but which is now seen as a barrier to taking “back” the U.S. Senate and the White House in 2020. The primary argument is that the Electoral College does not represent the direct will of the people, which is precisely the point as delineated in the Federalist Papers. As pointed out by PJ media, until 1913, this applied to state legislatures which elected U.S. senators as well. Any pretense of respect for the federalist system on which the United States government was founded and which goes hand in hand with the separation of powers is swiftly being abandoned in favor of mob rule and vote mongering.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

As Democrats took the majority in the House of Representatives last week, they wasted no time in drafting legislation to remake the U.S. Constitution, shifting the rules in their favor. One bill would abolish the Electoral College. Another would make voter registration automatic, repeal voter ID laws, drastically limit free speech in politics, and create a system where the government funds particular candidates — all in one bill!

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Democrats push these bills in the name of good government, but they are attempting to fundamentally shift the playing field of American politics permanently in their favor. In 2008 and 2012, when Barack Obama won the Electoral College, liberals sang the institution’s praises — because it represents the will of the states as well as the people. Only when Republicans win by the same rules do Democrats advocate the abolition of this American institution.

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