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Govt Paid Half A Billion In Disability to People Who Had Jobs

According to a recent Inspector General’s report, the Social Security Administration has been caught with more gross incompetence and inefficiency, which are hallmarks of federal bureaucracy (yes, we recognize how redundant that is).

The report detailed that over a half billion in taxpayer dollars were paid out to people for disability benefits who had already returned to work and/or had failed to report the fact that they were working again.

Much of the benefits paid out were due to the “administration’s slow processing.”

So, don’t be surprised when the reply from SSA head bureaucrats is that they need more staffers to prevent the errors.

Translation: give us more taxpayer dollars so we can stop wasting taxpayer dollars. Got that?

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

The Social Security Administration improperly disbursed an estimated $571 million in disability benefits to people who had already returned to work, according to a government audit report.

Of the half a billion estimated overpayments, nearly $201 million of the improperly disbursed benefits checks were due to the administration’s slow processing, and the almost $371 million was the fault of the beneficiaries who didn’t complete paperwork on time, the Office of the Inspector General (IG) wrote in a report released Tuesday.

Analyzing a sample of disability cases from 2012, the IG found a total of $1.3 million in overpayments, $446,000 of which were made as a result of administrative errors, as well as $823,000 due to individuals failing to report wages that would disqualify them from benefits.


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Gun-Grab: Fallout Continues for Dick’s Sporting Goods

Recall shortly after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Dick’s Sporting Goods immediately yanked ‘assault rifles’ from its shelves and announced they’d stop selling rifles to anyone under the age of 21.

Of course, we saw the writing on the wall despite that Dick’s and the heads of their subsidiary Field & Stream were oblivious what was sure to happen next.

There was an uproar among hunters, sportsmen and Second Amendment supporters who announced boycotts.

Then this week, Dick’s really stepped in it.

Word leaked out that the corporation had hired a lobbyist to push gun control legislation on Capitol Hill.

That ill-fated move has now prompted the Mossberg corporation — the oldest gun manufacturer in the country — to pull guns from Dick’s shelves.

Mossberg is joined by MKS Supply, another gun maker, in the selling freeze.

Dick’s move could cost them millions in lost sales. Good.

Here’s more from Hotair…

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. has ended their relationship with Dick’s Sporting Goods and it’s subsidiary Field and Stream. This action was caused by the company’s hiring of gun control lobbyists last month. Mossberg issued a press release Wednesday explaining the decision.

Effective immediately, O.F. Mossberg & Sons will not accept any future orders from Dick’s Sporting Goods or Field &
Stream, and is in the process of evaluating current contractual agreements.

“It has come to our attention that Dick’s Sporting Goods recently hired lobbyists on Capitol Hill to promote additional gun control,” said Iver Mossberg, Chief Executive Officer of O.F. Mossberg & Sons. “Make no mistake, Mossberg is a staunch supporter of the U.S. Constitution and our Second Amendment rights, and we fully disagree with Dick’s Sporting Goods’ recent anti-Second Amendment actions.”

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is the oldest family-owned firearms manufacturer in America, founded in 1919. Mossberg is also the largest pump-action shotgun manufacturer in the world. MKS Supply, a manufacturer of Hi-Point firearms, announced their decision to do the same just the day before.

“We believe that refusing to sell long guns to adults under age 21, while many young adults in our military are not similarly restricted, is wrong. We believe that villainizing modern sporting rifles in response to pressure from uninformed, anti-gun voices is wrong,” MKS Supply president Charles Brown wrote in the Tuesday statement. “We believe that hiring lobbyists to oppose American citizens’ freedoms secured by the Second Amendment is wrong. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field & Stream, in purportedly doing all of these things, have demonstrated that they do not share our values. [We’re] standing by the American people by refusing any further sales to Dick’s Sporting Goods & Field & Stream.”


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Unchained: Federal Judge Accuses Mueller Team of Lying

Regardless of one’s opinion of President Trump, the seemingly limitless power with which special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of merry Obamacrats have pursued the investigation is virtually unprecedented.

That might be why Reagan-appointed federal Judge T.S. Ellis III accused Mueller’s team of lying and overreach in their pursuit of Trump campaign official Paul Manafort with crimes as far back as 2005, well beyond the scope of the so-called Russia-collusion investigation.

Judge Ellis hinted that he may attempt to bring the whole house of cards tumbling down when he quipped to Mueller attorneys; “We don’t want anyone with unfettered power.”

Game, set, match.

Here’s more from Fox News…

A federal judge on Friday harshly rebuked Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team during a hearing for ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort – suggesting they lied about the scope of the investigation, are seeking “unfettered power” and are more interested in bringing down the president.

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort,” U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III told Mueller’s team. “You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you to lead you to Mr. Trump and an impeachment, or whatever.”

Further, Ellis demanded to see the unredacted “scope memo,” a document outlining the scope of the special counsel’s Russia probe that congressional Republicans have also sought.

. . .

The Reagan-appointed judge asked Mueller’s team where they got the authority to indict Manafort on alleged crimes dating as far back as 2005.

The special counsel argues that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein granted them broad authority in his May 2, 2017 letter appointing Mueller to this investigation. But after the revelation that the team is using information from the earlier DOJ probe, Ellis said that information did not “arise” out of the special counsel probe – and therefore may not be within the scope of that investigation.

“We don’t want anyone with unfettered power,” he said.


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Sheriff Israel Faces No Confidence Vote from Deputies

Shamed Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has unfortunately dropped out of the headlines despite his abject incompetence and self-congratulation after the Parkland massacre.

But now he may finally receive his comeuppance.

Over the next several days, Israel is being subjected to a no-confidence vote from his deputies, which was confirmed by the president of the deputies’ union.

We’re not quite sure what might have prompted the vote.

Well, except maybe that he threw Deputy Scot Peterson, who failed to enter the school during the shooting — completely under the bus.

Oh, and there was the policy of not arresting juveniles along with the dozens of visits to the shooter’s home.

We could go on, but you get the picture.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is facing a no-confidence vote from his own deputies for his actions in the wake of the Parkland school shooting that have “crushed morale through the agency,” as the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association described it.

The February 14th shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 students and teachers dead, and an additional 17 wounded. Israel has faced intense criticism for the dozens of visits to the shooter’s home that never resulted in an arrest, their policy of avoiding juvenile arrests even for serious and violent crimes, and the failure of his deputies to enter the school and engage the shooter.

Israel’s actions in the aftermath of the shooting have only raised the v0lume from his critics — his grandstanding attempts to demonize the NRA and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) at a CNN townhall, his scapegoating of his own deputies, and additional troubling reports about the shooter’s brother being arrested on campus and a BSO deputy getting caught sleeping while on duty that same day at Stoneman Douglas.


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Comey: I Could Testify Against Andrew McCabe

James Comey is in such a rush to ingratiate himself to the world and prove he’s a really great guy, after all, that he is ‘potentially’ willing to testify in a case against his former FBI Deputy Andy McCabe.

This is a pretty big deal.

When political cronies start throwing each other under the bus, that’s when things really start getting interesting.

Now, there still remains the question whether the Inspector General’s recent report will produce any criminal charges against McCabe in the first place.

But one safe bet is that if the US Attorney’s office doesn’t pursue them, Congress might pursue contempt. And this has its own ramifications.

Either way, the rats are jumping ship and eating their own.

Here’s more from CNN…

Former FBI Director James Comey said in a wide-ranging CNN interview Thursday that he could potentially be a witness against the FBI’s former number two.

His commentson CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” came after CNN reported that the Justice Department’s inspector general referred its findings on Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director, to the US attorney’s office in Washington for possible criminal charges associated with lying to internal investigators.
Asked if he could end up being a witness, Comey said, “Potentially.”
“Sure, given that the IG’s report reflects interactions that Andy McCabe had with me and other senior executives, I could well be a witness,” Comey said.


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DOJ Inspector: Criminal Charges for FBI’s McCabe

So IG Horowitz’s investigation is finally yielding some fruit which may end be in the first of many dominoes to fall.

Following the release of his report last week, Horowitz has formally submitted his recommendation to the US Attorney’s office for DC on possible criminal charges.

What was McCabe’s offense? You may want to sit down for this. He lied.

Actually, the phrase that was used was “lacked candor” which admittedly has less punch.

But what we hope is McCabe will be seeking a plea bargain and offer something a little more substantial in exchange.

Perhaps maybe — and we’re just spitballing here — the plan by Strzok and Page to collude in the election of Hillary Clinton?

Here’s more from CNN (yes, really)…

The Justice Department’s inspector general referred its findings on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to the US attorney’s office in Washington for possible criminal charges associated with lying to internal investigators, according to a source familiar with the matter.

When exactly the referral was made to the US attorney’s office was not immediately clear, and prosecutors there may decline to prosecute.
Last week, the IG issued a report finding that McCabe “lacked candor” on four occasions with internal investigators when discussing a Wall Street Journal article about the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation, according to a copy of the report obtained by CNN.


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BFD: Mueller’s FBI raids Trump Lawyer’s Office

This week the tabloids and the national newspapers united on headlines after Mueller’s FBI investigation raided the office of President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen.

The raid resulted in the seizure of emails, tax documents, and other records related to the payment to Stormy Daniels, the actress in some of those not-so-silver-screen flicks.

Having found nothing of substance with which to hang the president, Mueller is going rogue using tabloid covers as cause for the ongoing investigation.

Somewhere there’s got to be a link between Stormy and Russia. Maybe she drank a White Russian once in the bar at Trump Tower.

Here’s more from The Hill…

The FBI on Monday raided the office of President Trump‘s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and seized emails, tax documents and records related to his payment to adult-film star Stormy Daniels.

Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen Ryan, said in a statement that federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained a search warrant after receiving a referral “in part” from special counsel Robert Mueller. Ryan called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.”

The New York Times reported that the payment to Daniels is just one of “many topics” being looked at by the FBI.

Other seized documents include business records and communications between Cohen and Trump, but the raid does not appear to be directly connected to Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according to The Times.

Among the materials agents secured are those related to Cohen’s $130,000 payment to Daniels as part of a nondisclosure agreement related to her alleged 2006 affair with Trump.


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DOJ Caves to House Intelligence Committee Subpoena

The Mexican stand-off between the House Intelligence Committee and the Department of Justice just came to an end.

Chairman Devin Nunes had previously requested, along with the House Judiciary Committee, the original FBI memo that started the whole FISA app mess.

The DOJ replied with a copy of the memo that was heavily redacted and almost unreadable.

That’s when Nunes issued a subpoena to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein demanding an unredacted version.

After weeks of silence, Rosenstein finally agreed to comply. Memogate may very well get fired up all over again with fresh details on FBI collusion. Stay tuned.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee sent a letter to deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein threatening to take action to enforce a subpoena it had issued for the FBI memo that kicked off the initial counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign. The issue is that both the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees had requested access to the document. The FBI and Justice had delivered it in heavily redacted format.

This is pretty critical. The focus of the House Judiciary Committee and the Intelligence Committee is now on how the Trump dossier prepared by a Fusion GPS subcontractor was used as a weapon against the Trump campaign and administration.

Friday, Justice and the FBI agreed to comply with the subpoena.


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Accountability: IRS Audits Fewest Tax Returns in 15 Years

The news isn’t all negative.

A new report shows IRS audits at a 15-year low with just six for every 1,000 returns last year. The reasons for the reduction are clear.

First, the Republican Congress insisted on budget cuts which forced the agency to do more with less money. That means fewer auditing staffers.

Second, with multiple scandals on the books from the Obama era, IRS heads have little incentive to raise the ire of taxpayers who are already fed up with their antics.

It’s just one more example of what good comes from oversight of bureaucrats.

Here’s more from Washington Times…

The IRS is auditing fewer tax returns than at any other time in the past 15 years as the agency struggles with what it says is a shrinking budget and pressure from Congress to be less zealous in enforcement.

Just six out of every 1,000 individual taxpayers faced an audit last year, the government said in the latest IRS Data Book released last week, marking the lowest rate since 2002.

Analysts said that is unlikely to change this year, as the April 17 deadline for this year’s filing season nears and as the IRSgrapples with endemic budget cuts and the strain of having to administer the new tax law.

Some taxpayer advocates cheered the news, saying it’s time the IRS was brought to heel after years of excesses, including targeting tea party groups for illegal scrutiny and making tax-filing season tougher than it had to be as a protest against budget cuts.

“It should be a healthy sign if they’re auditing less,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “I would very much like to live in a world where the IRS doesn’t have to do too much auditing because the tax code is simple enough for people to understand.”


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Rep. Jordan: McCabe Lied Four Times about Leaking to the Media

Last week recently fired Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe admitted in a column that he wasn’t quite as forthright with officials as he should have been because he was ‘distracted’.

That’s a peculiar way of admitting he lied.

But the fact is he actually lied at least four times. Rep. Jim Jordan explained during a candid interview with Fox News that McCabe lied to his then-superior James Comey, to the Office of Professional Responsibility, and twice under oath to the Inspector General.

So, rest assured, when IG Horowitz’s report comes out in a month or so, McCabe’s serial prevarication will take top billing.

And it will likely link McCabe’s accomplices in the massive cover-up to hide FBI collusion with the White House to prevent Trump’s election. Get your popcorn ready.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Thursday revealed that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied not once, but four separate times about leaking information to the press.

Jordan, who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary committees appeared with Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday night to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision not to appoint a second special counsel to look into how the FBI and Justice Department handled the Clinton email probe and Russia investigation. The attorney general has instead appointed a federal prosecutor to evaluate those and other issues, including the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

Meadows and Jordan also accused the DOJ of stonewalling Republicans in Congress on their document requests. Meadows said that in seven pages of documents recently submitted to Congress there were twelve material facts omitted by the Department of Justice.