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Buttigieg: “Fair Taxes” = “Higher Taxes”

During a Sunday Fox News town hall, South Bend, Illinois, mayor and Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg didn’t bother sugarcoating his call for “fair taxes” as anything other than what his party means by it: “higher taxes.” When asked by an attendee about what he would do to “restore fiscal responsibility” in light of the $22 trillion national debt, Buttigieg started off attacking President Trump’s tax cuts as “unnecessary and unaffordable.” He argued: “That’s why we really do need to entertain ideas like, I would say a fairer-which means higher-marginal income tax rate on those with the most.” The answer for Leftists is always confiscatory tax policies…for other people’s money, that is.

Here’s more from The Daily Caller…

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg admitted during his Sunday town hall on Fox News that when he talks about “fair taxes,” what he means is “higher taxes.”

The South Bend, Indiana mayor took a question early in the evening about fiscal responsibility. (RELATED: Trump Dubs Pete Buttigieg ‘Alfred E. Neuman)

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New Hampshire state director of the Concord Coalition Tyler Sweeney asked, “We reached $22 trillion in national debt. What would a President Buttigieg do to restore fiscal responsibility?”

Buttigieg began by attacking the Trump tax cuts, saying, “You don’t blow a hole in the budget with an unnecessary and unaffordable tax cut for the wealthiest. Part of it is ‘do no harm.’”

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