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Mexico Deporting Would-Be Illegals For Us

The DailyWire reports that Mexico is ratcheting up its efforts to wrangle illegal immigrants seeking entry into the United States as they are temporarily stranded at the border. According to the AP, Tijuana officials have “arrested 34 caravan members for drug possession, public intoxication, disturbing the peace and resisting police, and they would be deported to their home countries,” for failing to comply with Mexico’s laws while en route to the United States. Tijuana has been especially resilient in the face of the onslaught of the thousands-strong caravan and is drawing a sharp contrast between self-reliant Haitian asylum seekers with the entitled new arrivals from Central America.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Mexicans, now saddled with hosting around 3,000 migrants waiting to declare asylum at an official United States border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego, California, are losing patience with the “workers” and deporting those that make trouble back to their home countries.

The Associated Press reports that Tijuana officials have “arrested 34 caravan members for drug possession, public intoxication, disturbing the peace and resisting police, and they would be deported to their home countries,” for failing to follow Mexico’s laws.

Hundreds of Tijuana residents have also staged protests against the migrants, who have taken over a local soccer stadium to use as a temporary shelter.

The mayor of Tijuana is no stranger to massive migrant caravans, but this one, he says, is different. A Haitian caravan, which also arrived looking for political asylum in the United States and was turned away, consisted largely of refugees looking for work and more permanent homes.


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NH Not Feeling Clinton 2020

New Hampshire is not on board with a Hillary Clinton bid for the White House in 2020 regardless of whether she runs as a “firebrand” of the Left in what would be her third bid for the Oval Office. Hillary has repeatedly run for President of the United States and failed but nonetheless appears eager to throw her hat in the ring yet again, arguing “I’d like to be president.” Thus far, however, her nascent candidacy is falling flat in states like New Hampshire who regard a potential bid as either unlikely or not a welcome prospect.

Here’s more from Fox News…

Hillary Clinton’s leading supporters in New Hampshire are slinging arrows through a much-talked-about opinion piece that suggested the two-time presidential candidate would make a third run for the White House in 2020.

“I don’t think she’s running again,” incoming New Hampshire Senate President Donna Soucy, a four-term Democratic state senator who backed Clinton’s 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns, told Fox News.

“I know the rumors floating out there that that’s a possibility,” Soucy added. “I don’t believe for a second that it is.”

Mark Penn, an adviser and pollster to Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1995-2008, made waves by predicting this month in the Wall Street Journal that Clinton would return in 2020 as a “liberal firebrand,” adding that she wouldn’t “let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.”


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AOC: Pelosi Opponents Not Diverse Enough

Really? We can’t make this up! U.S. Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) says she just cannot get on board with crushing Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s aspirations to hold the gavel again because Pelosi’s opponents are not diverse enough. Specifically, she told MSNBC that the signatories of the “Never Nancy” letter are “not necessarily reflective of the diversity of the party.” “We have about 16 signatories. 14 of them are male. There are very few people of color in the caucus.” Translation: if you’re white or male, your opinion about the future of your party is invalid.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said she’s wary of the movement among some House Democrats to pick a different speaker for the 116th Congress than Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) because “it creates a window where we could potentially get more conservative leadership.”

Oscasio-Cortez also told MSNBC this evening she doesn’t believe the movement is driven enough by ideological orthodoxy and that the signatories of a letter are “not necessarily reflective of the diversity of the party.”

The letter calling for a new House Democratic leader was signed by Reps. Anthony Brindisi (D-N.Y.), Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.), Joe Cunningham (D-S.C.), Bill Foster (D-Ill.), Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.), Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.), Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), Max Rose (D-N.Y.), Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.), Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), and Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ). Ben McAdams, whose race in Utah vs. Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) still hasn’t been called, also signed the letter.


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AOC Meets GOP’s Hopes

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who garnered headlines as “the future” of the Democrat Party and a “rising star,” is revealing a naivetÈ that has heads spinning. AOC started out the week with a gaffe-tastic episode in which she named the three branches of government: the presidency, the House, and the Senate. Then she immediately showed up to challenge current Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for not doing enough to tackle global warming. She’s even gone so far as to join efforts to challenge fellow Democrats in primary elections. It appears the GOP is getting the last laugh for now.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, has been touted as “the future” of the Democrat Party and the far-left’s “rising star,” but in her first week on Capitol Hill after easily winning just days before, the biggest fans of her actions thus far might just be Republicans — who have been cheering her on as she’s overtly undermined the leadership of her party and vowed to “fierce[ly]” campaign against the re-election efforts of Democrats she doesn’t deem radical or diverse enough.

Ocasio-Cortez announced her arrival in D.C. by immediately joining a sit-in protest at the office of ranking House Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who’s furiously working now to ensure that she’s re-crowned Speaker amid opposition from a female minority colleague. After tweeting about discrimination she’s faced already on Capitol Hill, on Saturday, Ocasio-Cortez jumped on a conference call hosted by radical left group Justice Democrats and vowed to help them take down incumbent Democrats.


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AOC Nails Democratic Party as “Big Business” Opportunists

The DailyWire’s Andrew Kalavan highlights that the Democrats have become the big government party bankrolled by big business, and it’s news coming from none other than socialist U.S. Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. More specifically, AOC recently decried the move of Amazon headquarters to New York City, a move highly subsidized at the expense of taxpayers to the tune of $48,000 per Amazon employee. Though she misses the bigger point that this is a mess caused by wealth redistribution and big government, Klavan explained: “Here’s the thing where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is actually right. She says she was ‘outraged’ that they paid out all this money to Amazon to get them to move to New York. Democrats are guilty of precisely the thing with which they paint Republicans.” And it’s another Democrat who is pointing out the obvious. Weird world.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner… 

The Arizona border will have 32 miles of existing wall replaced starting next April.

The $324 million project has been given the green light by federal immigration officials, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday.

The project will switch out an old barrier that runs from the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector west into the Yuma Sector, which is just miles from Arizona’s border with California. The replacement wall is meant to keep pedestrians and vehicles from entering the U.S. Older barriers were largely to prevent cars from driving over, but were only a few feet tall and did little to keep people from trespassing from Mexico.

The undertaking, which will be paid for by congressional funding for CBP from 2018 legislation, is part of President Trump’s January 2017 executive order to secure the country by improving barriers in vulnerable and high-traffic areas.


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Scott Campaign Calls for Florida Dem Chairwoman to Resign

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign manager Jackie Schutz Zeckman threw down the gauntlet and is calling for Terrie Rizzo – Democratic Party chairwoman for the state – to resign. Zeckman made her case accusing Rizzo of conducting “including efforts to extend the due date for corrected mail-in ballots.” This could be seen as setting up the state’s election process for failure or at least a recount like the one happening right now. Failure has its consequences.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign manager is calling on the state’s Democratic Party chairwoman to resign, accusing her of conducting “an illegal scheme to alter election forms” in the still-undecided Senate race.

Jackie Schutz Zeckman, Scott’s campaign manager, said Terrie Rizzo was behind an attempt to extend the legally established due date sent to voters who were asked to correct problems with their mail-in ballots.

“News reports yesterday and today revealed that the Florida Democrat Party engaged in an illegal scheme to alter election forms and deceive voters regarding the deadlines for submitting votes,” Zeckman said in a statement.

Florida officials have sought the help of federal prosecutors to examine the matter, in which Democratic party officials appear to have changed the date from Nov. 6 until Nov. 8 for voters to fix mail-in ballot problems in four counties, including Broward County, a heavily populated Democratic stronghold.


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De Niro Blasts “Jerkoff” Trump

Has-been thespian Robert De Niro is selling off his celebrity career on the anti-Trump bandwagon with yet another epithet for President Trump. After referring to Trump as a “jerkoff,” he hyped up his audience of Hollywood elites with this humdinger: “Down with this motherf*cker.” De Niro made the remarks while presenting comedian Billy Crystal the Friars Club’s entertainment icon award. Showing just how tone-deaf he is, De Niro called for a “heroic comedian-in-chief” in the Oval Office. We think reelection in 2020 will give Trump the last laugh.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

It might be time for Robert De Niro to think about attending an anger management class.

The once-great actor just can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that Donald Trump won the presidency, even though it’s been nearly 800 days since Election Day 2016.

The “Raging Bull” star went on another profanity-laced tirade, this time while presenting comedian Billy Crystal the Friars Club’s entertainment icon award, according to Variety.

“De Niro first shouted, ‘F— Crystal!’ as a wink to his condemnation of Trump at the Tony Awards earlier this year. ‘I just get so upset with that jerkoff in the White House,’ he said, drawing boos from the crowd. ‘Boo is right! Down with this motherf—er!'”

De Niro also said he thinks Crystal should consider running for president. “We’ve got a dangerous buffoon-in-chief. What we need is a heroic comedian-in-chief,” he said.


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AOC Upset Amazon is Bringing 25,000 Jobs to NYC

Socialist U.S. Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “outraged” that Amazon is going to invest billions of dollars and bring 25,000 jobs to New York City after the company announced Tuesday a new headquarters location. “Amazon is a billion-dollar company,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “The idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks at a time when our subway is crumbling and our communities need MORE investment, not less, is extremely concerning to residents here.” Earth to AOC: jobs mean higher tax revenue, which means more money for socialists to redistribute. AOC is so anticapitalism that she can’t see when it is obviously working in her favor.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not happy that Amazon, the world’s most valuable company, has decided to invest billions of dollars and bring approximately 25,000 jobs to New York City.

The 28-year-old bartender turned politician responded to the news that Amazon is bringing a second headquarters to NYC by claiming, without evidence, that her community is “outraged.”

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday:

New York City and Northern Virginia will be the homes for Inc.’s second and third headquarters, according to people familiar with the matter, ending a more than yearlong public contest that started with 238 candidates and ended with a surprise split of its so-called HQ2.

Amazon is dividing the second headquarters evenly between New York’s Long Island City and Arlington County’s Crystal City neighborhoods, which are both located directly across from the major city centers.


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Jerry Brown Blames Climate Change for California Wildfires

Forget a wholesale lack of evidence, climate evangelist Gov. Jerry Brown of California is blaming climate change – not poor forest management – for the wildfires wreaking havoc in his state. This is in stark contrast to ample evidence to the contrary: wildfires on the West Coast are largely the result of man-made overregulation, resulting in the underharvesting of forests and an abundance of flammable dead undergrowth and trees. Moonbeam Brown and his ilk also ignore California’s routinely hot, dry climate with cyclical, prolonged drought.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

California Gov. Jerry Brown blamed climate change Sunday for the California wildfires, despite a complete lack of evidence — a day after President Donald Trump was widely criticized for blaming poor forest management.
According to the Associated Press, Brown, described as an “evangelist” for climate change, also blamed climate change deniers for the deadly fires, saying they were responsible for the deaths of California residents.

“Managing all the forests in everywhere we can does not stop climate change,” he said. “And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing, and will continue to witness in the coming years.”

Trump’s theory is that over-regulation has led to under-harvesting of forests, leaving more fuel for fires to burn. Brown’s theory is that the global use of fossil fuels is making California warmer and drier, and more prone to fires.


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“Serial Election Rigger”: Progressive Candidate Warned About Election Official

Tim Canova, a progressive candidate who lost his 2016 race against Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, is calling out Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes as a “serial rigger.” “I have warned that Snipes is a serial election rigger who would rig the recent elections,” Canova told the Gateway Pundit. “I do not believe in the accuracy of any election returns reported out of Broward County.” Snipes is, of course, the one and same election official overseeing the recount happening right now in Florida with 78,000 “new” votes “found” over the past two days as the race has continues to slide closer to a belated victory for the Left. Read more…

Here’s more from BPR…

The bombshell voter fraud lawsuit that Florida governor Rick Scott filed against Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes is no surprise to Tim Canova, a progressive candidate who says Snipes rigged his 2016 Congressional race against Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

“I have warned that Snipes is a serial election rigger who would rig the recent elections,” Canova told the Gateway Pundit. “I do not believe in the accuracy of any election returns reported out of Broward County.”

He added: “To restore integrity in our elections, we need to ban electronic voting machines and instead move to 100% paper ballots counted by hand in public. Without free and fair elections, we have no democracy.”