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Algorithm Defaults to Liberal Results When It Comes to “Googling” Trump

Gone are the days of the free and fair Internet. Even apolitical algorithms are a thing of the past. According to a new report, nearly 100% of Google search results for news related to President Donald Trump are from liberal media outlets, save for Fox News. Any other conservative sites are relegated to the second page, while CNN receives the most love, followed by The Washington Post, NBC, and CNBC. And it’s not simply because the left media have spilled more ink in slanted stories on the president; conservative sources have spent as much energy refuting them. In case there’s any question, the fifth estate now includes the web.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Every conservative who’s ever searched a politically-charged topic on Google has inevitably noticed that left-wing outlets seem to dominate the results. Other than Fox News, not many right-leaning news sites seem to make the cut, especially not on the first page of results. But is that a function of the popularity of left-leaning media outlets over their right-leaning counterparts, or is it political bias built into Google’s algorithm?

PJ Media’s Paula Bolyard’s recent study on the issue of Google bias suggests it’s the latter. Bolyard found that of the first 100 results provided by Google for “Trump news,” nearly all were from left-leaning outlets.

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Bolyard notes that “Google has maintained that all outlets are treated fairly, but nevertheless, conservative sites have reported reduced search traffic and, in the case of Google-owned YouTube, content creators have been banned and demonetized.” The suspicion that left-wing bias pervades the company was only heightened by the famous firing of conservative James Damore.


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